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The All American Family

Teammates in Life


Ronnell and LaDrea Ingram's love story begins at Seton Hall University, where they competed at the Division I level in track and field. LaDrea was a former short sprinter and high school New York State champion, and she held top rankings in the Big East conference. Ronnell was a Junior College All-American who also had a stellar middle-distance career, including top rankings in the Big East. Both received various awards during their athletic tenure.   


After Ronnell graduated from Seton Hall, LaDrea transferred to UNC Charlotte to be closer to him. Their love continued to flourish, and they went on to get married and start their family. Now, 18 years later, they are still teammates in life. Together, they have five children - Ronnell Jr, Lathan, Jannell, Taylor, and Chase. All five of their children carry the torch of their parents' passion for athletics. Four of their children are All-American athletes in track and field. 


Ronnell and LaDrea are the head life coaches for their family team. Through their shared love of athletics, they have instilled in their children the importance of hard work and dedication. They also emphasize the significance of supporting one another to achieve a common goal. Their children's impressive accomplishments in sports, including four of them being All-American athletes in the same sport, are a testament to their parents' exceptional coaching.

Head Life Coaches


A Family Built on

Love and Resilience


At home or on the field, this family has created an atmosphere that is safe, encouraging, supportive, and filled with love. Each member also understands that it takes hard work and dedication to reach a common goal as a unit. Whether it's achieving personal goals, leading other teams as champions on the track, or giving back to their community, this family brings their best to everything they do together—making them dynamic role models both inside and outside of sports circles!


Learn more about ways to connect to our family enterprise. Together, we can build a community based on love, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence both on and off the field!

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